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7 untitled, 2012, unsigned

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untitled, 2012, unsigned


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Oil Paint & Printers Ink

610mmx 800mm


A selection of mono prints, 2009 - 2020. In 1993/94 Arone took residency in Santa Fe, New Mexico, working, collaborating and sharing with North American First Nations artists. It was during this formative period he was introduced to mono printing, which he was fascinated and excited by, and has now become a unique and vibrant hallmark within his printmaking oeuvre. The mono print technique held a particular immediacy for Arone, from which his trademark fluid figures and organic forms would connect, interact and become alive in his particular compositions and powerful colour dynamics. In much the same way his children's books did, Arone related a complex story in each of his mono prints, each element of the story skilfully connected to the other. The theme was always familiar, our same interconnectivity. Issues highly significant to Arone; spirituality, culture, country, sexuality, gender and environment, lead to the prints being heavily but masterfully layered in both form and content.

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